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Sixty7Six Fitness - Client Testimonial

Last week we took at look at a recent video marketing project with Lauren from Sixty7Six Fitness.

Lauren runs a family friendly, functional fitness, bootcamp-styled business which needed a short introductory video for use on her business's website and social media so that Lauren could market and advertise her business (you can find a copy of the video we delivered for Lauren and Sixt7Six Fitness here!

But we don't just let our end products do the talking here at GINGERBEARD Media, we also love talking about the expierence our clients have when we work with them. So in today's blog post we're talking to Lauren about her experience with our company as well as how filming went.

Now, we don't consider our media the' usual corporate piece', and so why would our testimonials be any different? We think differently at GINGERBEARD Media, and so our own testimonials look different too - check out what Lauren had to say about us and the way we work.

Lauren opted to take Sixty7Six Fitness through our Small Business Basic Introduction Video Package - a great choice as it's specifically designed for small businesses owners. Often sole or partnership operators want to advertise their business using video, but they also want to keep their costs to a minimum. And these businesses need to run efficiently too - they need to be constantly working and not stopping for a film crew to shoot their promotional video over a number of days. And that's exactly what this package delivers.

For many people, getting in front of a camera is a worry, and Lauren was no different. It is not a normal thing to do for any of us... and despite local rumours, this includes Head Beard Bruce.

But at GINGERBEARD Media, we work hard with you to make sure planning is completed prior to shooting so that you feel prepared before we even turn a camera on. And then when we are rolling, we coach and guide you through both you script delivery and your cutaway shots (the ones that show you working in the business) to make sure your presentation delivers and your business really sells itself on film.

So, as ever, if you're interested in having a chat about how our video packages or a custom video could help your business to reach more clients, please feel free to get in touch- we're always happy to talk about video!