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Ultimo Constructions - BaysWater Development

Back in August we headed over to Bayswater to work again with Ultimo Constructions.

Longer-term followers of our work may recognise the company name from our previous projects including their last project in Carine, their turnkey solutionclient testimonial and showroom promotional videos.

And for those who don't know,  Ultimo Constructions are a specialist Perth builder - who look to provide unique design and build solutions to their clients. Often this means that they build on difficult blocks, with strange shapes or elevations - something that other builders often can't provide a service for as their homes are from a series of plans.

Ultimo Constructions had built on a 549m2 block and had developed two, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments and a luxurious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse. Now Ultimo and their marketing company Integrate Marketing wanted to communicate these properties, and we were only too happy to step in and start capturing their latest building project.

Lets check out the long version of the video:

The original scope from the client was to deliver one video - the one above. But as we worked through the edit we saw the potential to get more content from the footage that we had shot with a small amount of additional work.

So with approval from the client, we worked to deliver additional video pieces, these were;

  • 1x 30s short-version of the original
  • 1x 40s motion text video
  • 1x 60s medium-length version of the original
  • Along with the 2:30 long format video that was originally planned

(Just to note - That at present Ultimo are yet to release the additional videos listed, hence why they are not shown.)


So Let's Talk About Using These Additional Formats!

With our clients we're always looking to provide the best value from their media and our services. So when we've spent time shooting on site and we deliver one video, that's good, but we can often use that cut to then create shorter versions of the same piece.

Why different versions?

Well simply put, viewers will use platforms (website, social etc) differently and thus their attention levels are different and therefore you need different media to cover that scope.

When you think about the average Facebook/Instagram/social media user, they often use the platform to waste some time or to gain a quick catch up on life;- their attention span is short. So you need a quick video to 'catch and release' their attention. There is no point trying to get a Facebook user to watch your 5-minute video unless they are really attached/engaged to your brand. Here, you really just want to tease them, if they're interested they'll click through.

But for people who visit your website, they're looking for information. They are often justifying their potential purchase and making sure that you are the right choice for them. So here, they want more information, they are actively seeking it. This is your chance for longer formats of video.

So by delivering different lengths/versions of the media we've helped the client to get more value from their money - as they receive more tools, but those tools are also better designed to engage with specific audiences. And better designed tools should get better results.

Put It To Work...

So what are the aims/uses of the content we delivered? Well, the short versions of the videos have different messages and their short format really points them to be used on social media, with a push towards getting viewers onto Ultimo's website. With the longer format being used on the website itself, aiming to provide expand on the information the website already gives.

Behind the Scenes with presenter Paul, Ultimo Constructions Owner; Bec and Head Beard Bruce

Behind the Scenes with presenter Paul, Ultimo Constructions Owner; Bec and Head Beard Bruce

This project is a great example of delivering more content using the same starting resources - effectively massively improving the client's ability to market their company. This small change in cost in post-production has allowed a far bigger set of specilised tools for our client to use to help market their service.

If you're looking for a company that works with you, to deliver video marketing tools that really work for your company, by really listening to what you're looking to gain from shooting video then we'd love to have a chat.