Client Testimonial - CrossFit Furnace

After packing up from our 2nd month of shooting with CrossFit Furnace, we spoke with owners Matt and Rae Whittlemore about the results they were starting to see with the video marketing content we delivered for them in September.

There are a few key points that I wanted to pick out here and discuss further.

First a bit of history....

In 2016 we delivered CrossFit Furnace's welcome video to sit on their website, and back even then Rae and Matt knew they wanted more professional content for use in their marketing - especially for social media marketing.

After a year the business had grown enough to move from thought into action. Interestingly, their business was not the only thing to have noticably developed in the year between projects. I remember meeting Rae and Matt the first time to develop their video scope - normal conversations focus on hard facts like understanding target market and key business differentiators were difficult for them to explain. It could not have been further from that point when we met to discuss this project - they turned up with pages of notes on both facts, but also softer topics like brand feelings and underlying messages they wanted to communicate. It was awesome to see so much progress for both the business and them as owners and their understanding and knowledge around marketing and advertising their brand.

So we discussed direction that they wanted to take and what to communicate.

Let's check out some sample content!

The Strategy

We're currently working with Matt and Rae to deliver monthly marketing content through video only (they take a lot of pictures in-house themselves). We've decided that this is the best value for them as they already have and can continue to build their photography.

So the first month of video content has primarily focus on 4 main areas of types of content:

  1. A scripted video was used as a direct promotional video on their 12 week program. This is a short and snappy promo which really just directly advertises to the viewer. The primary use has been on Facebook, with paid promotion behind the scenes.
  2. Short Testimonials - these are one line quotes from members and are designed to capture the viewer on a casual scroll through Facebook and Instagram
  3. Longer Testimonial/ Story - we followed one individual and document their success story at Crossfit Furnace. Breaking their story into around 4-5 videos focusing on different areas of the story - which coinside with the sell messages of the business
  4. Visual Teasers - these are short clips, without 'valuable' audio that really just show the business in action. These help to see external viewers (potential clients) what they could expect should they visit the business. These are really designed to break down the barrier for the more nervous potential client - that it isn't big and scary, building familiarity in the brand/business.

And that's the content strategy for month 1. We've already shot Furnace's second month and it's different content again - allowing them to comunicate differently with potential clients.

This monthly variation means that Rae and Matt will eventually build a library of varying content that means they can mix it up every time they post - keeping their content varied and their viewers engaged.

Here Comes The Wrap Up

14 video clips in this month and with 5 released at the time of writing with over 16,000 views - we're already seeing big progress! And we're already editing and delivering this month's content - so that toolbox of video marketing content that we've already provided is only going to get bigger for them.

If you're interested in content creation for your business on a more regular basis, then why not check out our Social Media Content Video Package - its a good start to see what we can offer, and if like CrossFit Furnace, it doesn't quite suit your needs - we'd be happy to customise it for you.

And as ever, if you're interested in talking about how video could be a great option for advertising and marketing your business - please feel free to get in touch!