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Zambrero with Rise Against Hunger - Plate4Plate 2017


Longer-term readers of our blog may remember our work last year with Zambrero to cover their 2016 Plate4Plate event. And this year we were back at it again!

Plate4Plate is a partnered event between Zambrero and Rise against Hunger, an international hunger relief agency, whereby the aim is to help provide nutritious meals to disadvantaged communities across Africa, Asia and the Americas. And locally, Zambrero partners with Foodbank to fight hunger in Australia, providing a meal to Australians doing it tough by matching purchases made from their store with donated meals.

And so on Friday 20th October, over 1,700 volunteers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth packed meals. Zambrero asked us to come along and capture this process in Perth. The footage we captured was to be sent over to the east coast for editing and combined with the other videographers footage that was shot all over Australia on packing day. 

The Zambrero team edited the video into one main piece, with a secondary heading out on Facebook.

Let's take a look at the main final video that our footage was included in.

Along with our video footage, we also provided Zambreros with over 150 edited, high-res photos from the day. These photos ranged from branding images, group shots, posed and candid shots. We needed to show the scale of the operation, but also not loose focus (excuse the pun) of the details of the day.



Efforts from the five Meal Packing Events across the country as well as Zambrero doubling regular Plate 4 Plate donations on the day saw a record-breaking 487,000 meals donated to those in need!

You can watch some behind the scenes of the event in Head Beard Bruce's Instagram Story Summary from his week of work. If you want to skip to the event itself head to around 3:22.

Team Work as a Freelancer

Key to the success of this project was the organisation and communication. As Head Beard Bruce talks about in the BTS video above, effectively there were 5 videographers, including Bruce, shooting at the same time in each of the locations around the country. So behind the scenes we needed all the videographers to understand the clients brief and shoot in a similar manner so that it looked like one video at the end of it. And that takes preperation prior to shooting to achieve.


Ship It Out! Summary Time.

This was a fantastic team, project and event to be a part of. It's awesome to work in/on a collaborative team and project and we're proud of how much of the Perth footage made it into the final cut - it's a detriment to our commitment to getting the best shots for our clients.

As ever, if you're looking to capture video and photos for your business or event then we'd love to have a chat about how we can assist!