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Bailey Fitness - Social Media Marketing

Longer-term readers of our blog may remember back when we worked with Bailey Fitness to deliver their website welcome video. Well, some 12 months later and we're back working with Bailey Fitness owner Adam Bailey to deliver a series of monthly videos to help bolster their advertising and marketing.

Our first-month production of 9 videos provided Adam and his marketing team with a mixture of content - a series of testimonial interviews an inspiring story from one of their members and a series of teaser clips showing off the different areas of the gym and types training that occur within it.

So far 3 videos have been released on Bailey Fitness' Facebook page - so we're checking those out and talking about what went into delivering them.

First up are two testimonial interviews which focus on the fight club - the Muay Thai training within the gym. We interviewed Bredon and his two daughters who regularly attend to get their insight into the classes and why they train.

Both of these interviews have a common goal - to showcase what happens inside the club at training. 

Adam was keen to show off what happens when the club trains and we were keen to showcase that the training is open to everyone - ultimately, our goal with this video content is to bring more clients into the gym. But when someone says "Muay Thai Training" it's easy for beginners to start to worry about how they can step into this environment, it's potentially a daunting experience.

So our aim with these videos is to show the environment and the training in a non-threatening way. To communicate the openness of the facility, staff and training. To show that anyone can sign up and take part.

In our second style of interview, we worked with gym-member Katrena to document her success story. We managed to get some really great quotes from Katrena - and there actually two versions of her video - both aiming to capture and communicate different aspects of her story.

Our role when capturing footage is to try and do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. In an interview situation, this means that we need to work to the heart of the story as quickly as possible, getting our subject to feel as comfortable as possible (read more on how to do that here) so that they can tell their story.

And as we're all aware, we're humans we're not robots;- turn a camera on and it often becomes difficult to remember your name. And Katrena was, like many people we interview on camera, nervous about being recorded, and trying to shoot within a busy gym does not make it feel like any less people are watching. We worked with Katrena to guide her through the process, helping her to feel at ease which helped to capture some great quotes about her story.

These 3 videos were posted to Facebook on 25th October, and at the time of writing (2nd November, just over a week later) we've seen some impressive view counts - approaching 16,000 views for the triple and over 9,000 for one of the videos alone.

And this is only 3 of the videos, of month 1. We've already shot and edited most of month 2 - so we can only expect this gym's reach to expand and their brand building to continue.

If you're interested in content creation for your business on a more regular basis, then why not check out our Social Media Content Video Package - its a good start to see what we can offer, and if like Bailey Fitness, it doesn't quite suit your needs - we'd be happy to customise it for you.

And as ever, if you're interested in talking about how video could be a great option for advertising and marketing your business - please feel free to get in touch!