Who Are Range of Motion?

Readers of our blog may recognise Range of Motion from previous projects including delivering animated branding for them as well as, more recently, a promotional video for their mentorship program.

A couple of weeks ago we were back working with Range of Motion - this time shooting an introductory/promotional video which explains who Range of Motion are.  The video was to ultimately end up on their website and be used primarily in social media advertising but had the potential for a range of marketing/advertising uses.

Owner of Range of Motion, Dan Williams asked us to bring his idea to life - Dan wanted a video that explained why Range of Motion was different to other competing businesses and so had developed his script which contained 10 key messages.

The style and pace of this piece of advertising/marketing was designed to sit between direct and indirect advertising. 

As such we used members of the gym to communicate key messages. These we're informally delivered - meaning they weren't reading off a teleprompter, but they were scripted so as to ensure the video kept to its' planned time limit.

By delivering these key messages using members of the gym the aim was to connect with like-minded potential clients.

The piece is then top and tailed with a scripted introduction and close out from Dan - helping to open and close out the video.

But what did Dan think of the project?


You can read Dan's full review of our services here

Now very quickly before we sign this off.... In the final video there are actually two clips taken from the previously shot Mentorship Program video, and we used the footage shown in the "About Range of Motion" video to also cut together a Facebook cover video. We're always encouraging clients to build a video library with us and it's exactly for this reason - by working with a company like GINGERBEARD Media who also stores your footage from previous projects, you can delve back into your archives and recut footage - saving you time and money on future projects.

Facebook Cover.png

As ever, if you're interested in working with a team who can successfully deliver your next video project and you want to work with someone who does more than just points a camera - but works to understand your brand and wants to build a successful business relationship with you, then get in contact.