CrossFit Access - Social Media Marketing (Month 3)

Social media thrives on video, but you won't build your brand by reposting other companies media. Just like CrossFit Access - You need your own content individualised to your business! 

So if your business is struggling to post high-quality media that really communicates your brand and sell messages about why a customer should select you over you competition and actually builds your brand you should come and have a chat with us. We work to understand your business and the key messages and differentiation that sells you as a company. Then we develop those messages into video marketing messages.

Our Social Media Content Package delivers a monthly bundle of content for you to use on your social media, emails and even your website. 

That's right, we give you the tools to get out there and really market your business! Individualised, professional content.

If you're still on the fence, consider - if you could post a video (or photo) about your business, with your business message, once every two days, how would that help your business? How many more potential clients could you get your brand message out to? How many more clients could you bring in? What would your revenue stream look like? How much time and effort could you save by having someone else doing it for you?

Now, About the Project!

CrossFit Access are a CrossFit gym based in 3 locations in the Northern suburbs of Perth; Malaga, Morley and Wangara.

Currently we're working for 3 months to provide CrossFit Access with a series of social media video content so as to help them build their business' brand and reach more potential clients.

Readers may wish to read more on Month 1 or Month 2!

In our 3rd and last month working with CrossFit Access owner Aidan and his team we headed to their new gym in Wangara to capture the last of a series of interview testimonials which continue to build on the business' messages of;-  'CrossFit Access welcomes all, whatever your starting fitness level'.

Just like the previous two months, we worked to interview a number of members of the gym to show their thoughts and perspectives on the business as well as on their own fitness journeys. These sort of 'raw interview testimonials' really help a viewer engage because they don't looked or feel planned - so they feel more honest than a typical 'sit down' interview.

Let's have a look at the whopping 23 testimonial interviews we delivered for CrossFit Access.

These interviews are designed to be short and sharp - allowing for better engagement on fast moving social media. Because of their length, they could be used on both Facebook and Instagram - increasing the amount of the use for these tools. Each video looks at one person and one topic - allowing the business owner to concentrate their sales message (or even just focus their Facebook status) when they post the content, on the relevant topic at the time of posting.

These clips are focused on a specific message, but they all link back to a series of overarching messages that CrossFit Access wants to concentrate on - this is what helps build the brand message.



23 video clips this month, 15 video clips in month 2 and 19 in the first month; that's a massive 57 video testimonials! And they will certainly keep CrossFit Access busy for social media content for some time!

They could post one video a week for the next year or 4 videos a month and still have videos left over to post. And all generated in 3 months of work! Would that sort of content help your business?



This formula isn't just applicable to health and fitness, it's possible, suitable and scaleble for other businesses too.

If you'd love us to prove this statement right, then we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in content creation for your business on a more regular basis, then why not check out our Social Media Content Video Package - its a good start to see what we can offer, and if like CrossFit Access, it doesn't quite suit your needs - we'd be happy to customise it for you.