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Tyres Your Way - Photoshoot

Tyres Your Way are a Perth-based business who specialise in providing the service of mobile tyre-fitting. So wherever you are in Perth, they arrive in one of their fully kitted out vans and change out your tyres for you.

It's a fantastic business idea but Tyres Your Way needed tools to better advertise and market their business to potential clients.

Tyres Your Way were in the process of relaunching their website and identified that they needed more photos on it. They also saw the reward in having a series of photos so as to advertise and market their business on their social media accounts. So they got in contact with us about arranging two photoshoots which would capture their business at work.

Tyres Your Way identified that they needed as much material as possible to market with. So they ask us to shoot with that in mind - delivering as many shots as possible so as to build a library of photos that they could pick from to advertise their brand.

Let's take a look at some of the 221 photos we shot at our first shoot with Tyres Your Way.

To shoot these images we worked with the mechanics to first understand their process of work, before following them through a customer's journey, capturing the process in as many variations as possible. And this is the important part for this use of photography - variation.

Often photographers, including ourselves, work to capture a handful of images for their clients to use. As a result, we will often shot a lot of photos but without much difference between the shots - this method allows the photographer or client to pick the perfect result/shot, or in some cases combine similar shots to make the perfect shot. However, when you're looking to use the images for marketing in the way that Tyres Your Way will, then it's imperative for the photographer to provide as wide of a variety of shots as possible. Here, our aim is to provide the client with as many useable photos as possible - we like to refer to this as 'useable variety'.

So let's take a look at some of the 241 photos that we shot at the second shoot, as well as what we mean by variety in shooting.

With both shoots in the bag, we looked to edit all the photos and deliver them to Tyres Your Way for use. But let's take a look at that wide variety.

This next series of images shows the thumbnails of all photos from the second shoot. You can really see what we mean by 'useable variety' - there is variety in every shot, be it through the photo itself, or in the edit of the photograph.

So over two shoots we provided a total of 462 photos - a massive amount of content for Tyres Your Way to use. And these are lightly edited photos too - meaning they are ready to use as they are, or can be edited further if needed. This gives Tyres Your Way a lot of options when it comes to advertising and marketing their business. 

Let's take a look at how they could use their photos as more of a marketing medium, rather than just as photos.

Please note that this are mock-up marketing images from the photos we have provided. Statements made are for example purposes only and do not reflect messages or marketing from Tyres Your Way. If this was cooking, the package image would read 'serving suggestion'.

So there we have it. A great example of how photography can bolster your advertising and marketing content. Over 460 photos delivered from two hours of shooting - which gives Tyres Your Way a massive library of images to call upon for a range of uses. Basically - brilliant value for money.

Of course, if you're looking to build your own library of photos for advertising and marketing - be it for use on social media, or through your website, why not get in touch with us? Every day we talk to small businesses in Perth about how best to deliver their advertising and marketing content, and we'd love to do the same for you!