Guide Dogs WA - Guide Dog Puppy Handover

Back in December we were invited down to Guide Dogs WA's HQ in Vic Park. They were about to hand over two very special guests to their new temporary owners, and so wanted to capture that special moment for their social media followers.

Guide Dogs WA are WA's official guide dog association. Their role is to train puppies into fully-fledged guide dogs who then take a role in the community for life; serving those who need assistance. Guide Dogs WA are heavily reliant upon community support - so communication through their social media, forms an important part of their business. Using video to communicate their message on their social media platforms is a great way to tell their story and gain engagement with members of the public. In this case capturing the story surrounding their guide dog puppies and the volunteer puppy raisers.

Prior to starting their official guide dog training, these puppies are housed with volunteer puppy raisers who look after them for the first 16-18 months of their lives. Here they learn training basics; helping them to become healthy, well-behaved and well-socialised dogs that can then be trained into Guide Dogs.

So we headed over to Guide Dogs WA to capture Simba and Harley's first part of their story becoming Guide Dogs. Let's take a look at what we delivered.

At GINGEBREARD Media we often get asked about how stories (or business communications) can be told without people stepping in front of a camera. It can often be a daunting thing or take too much time out from the business - but we actually have a range of solutions to help with this.

The first being that we offer presented packages - where someone does the hard work of presenting for you. But we can also tell a story or communicate a message through other methods; such as a voiceover or like this video using text. And this simple method is becoming more popular as many viewers watch feeds without sound.

The video itself is a great example as to how you can tell a story without having to use a presenter and the shoot itself was relatively short - around 40 mins. Which means that time out from the organisation and the cost incurred are kept to a minimum.

"This super cute video should come with a warning. Tissues needed" Viewer Jacqueline Turnball

This video was released by Guide Dogs WA on the 17th January 2017 and at the time of writing this post, the video has received over 3,700 views, 220 reactions and 58 comments. Video as a format has been a great way for Guide Dogs WA to communicate just a small part of the work they do every day. And the results of this video specifically show how it's helped to positively engage with a large audience.

With results like these, should your business be considering video for its marketing?

As ever, if you'd like to have a chat about how video could help your business, please feel free to get in touch- we're always happy to talk about video!