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Kirby Swim - Melville Pool Tour

Kirby Swim are a leading force in Perth's swim schools and we continue to work with them to help deliver their advertising and marketing video content.

Long-term readers of the blog may remember our work on their promotional video and more recently their pool tour of Karrinyup as well as the large amount of advertising and marketing content we delivered for use on their social media platforms.

Just before Christmas we were asked by Saskia, owner of Kirby Swim, to headed over to Kirby's Melville location to shoot another pool tour video.

This pool is both a new facility and a little tucked away as it's located within a shopping centre complex, so Kirby Swim really wanted to show off their newly renovated facility in all its glory. So let's check out what we delivered.

Kirby Swim put this piece of marketing content to work straight away, and since they posted the video on their facebook (6th Jan 2017)  to at the time of writing this article (just under two weeks), it has received over 9,500 views as well as a positive stream of comments and over 100 interactions.

A great result for the video itself and promotion of their business!

You can find out more about Kirby Swim Melville on their website, and as ever, if you need a tour video of your premises to showoff to your clients then feel free to get in contact.