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Range of Motion - Mentorship Program

Range of Motion is a CrossFit gym based in Osbourne Park who pride themselves on providing a range of services specifically in the health and fitness market that are specifically tailored for the individual.

We’ve worked with Dan, Range of Motion’s owner on a couple of occasions before, including to produce and deliver his custom animated close out logos that are used at the end of his videos. This time when Dan needed a video to sell his Mentorship Program he turned to GINGERBEARD Media.

Dan usually shoots a lot of his own media for Range of Motion decided to call in GINGERBEARD Media because, in his own words...

"For the majority of our social media and video work, we do basic filming and editing in house. It gives the 'instant', 'homemade' feel that people can empathise with, and allows us to share our content nimbly in (close to) real time.
Our in-house work is about delivering snap shots, and positioning our business and brand on a day-to-day basis. For this project however, we needed a much higher degree of professionalism and longevity.
The quality of media production is the first indication the consumer gets as to the quality of the product it's promoting. We couldn't go past GINGERBEARD Media to deliver on the quality we needed to reflect our product and brand." 

So let’s take a look at what we delivered.

Behind the Scenes

First, we worked with Dan to develop a short and punchy sales script on the mentorship program itself. The key here was the balance between length of the video and information provided. We wanted to keep the video short so as not to disengage with the viewer, but also long enough that Dan's target market (personal trainers and fitness coaches) would understand what value they would gain from the program. Dan also requested we include interviews with two of his current students, this is a great idea so as to add weight to and reinforce the sales message provided.

The shoot itself was split into two components – the scripting and interviews and the cutaways or b-roll.

Dan’s scripted piece was filmed direct-to-camera, allowing the viewer to feel that they were directly connected with the message. Whilst filming, so as to help ensure consistency of the scripted message as well as help speed up the filming process itself, a teleprompter was used for this scripted part. This allowed Dan to concentrate on his delivery and presentation rather than worry about needing to remember his lines.

Next, the interviews were filmed. Prior to filming, Dan worked with the interviewees to build their responses into concise answers. This planning is key when you need answers or soundbites to be short and punchy like they are in this video, and the planning prior to shooting helped to keep a shoot running to time. The interviews themselves were shot off-camera;- helping the viewer to perceive them as interviews and not a scripted sales pitch.

Finally, the cutaways were shot. This is all the footage laid over the top to help engage with the viewer. Prior to shooting Dan had planned what footage he wanted to include – so again, this planned helped to keep time on the shoot to a minimum. Then on location we worked through the list of around 40 cutaway shots.

Editing itself was relatively simple – mainly due to the planning involved prior to shooting. By using our shotplan document it allowed us to work with Dan to better understand and plan his project. Even before we lifted a camera we knew what we needed to capture and how it would all fit together in his project. So when it came to editing we knew where 70% of the shots would be used. We say 70% because whilst a shotplan provides a foundation as to where you should be heading to in the edit, you will always change shots around to help them fit better in the video – that is afterall the role of the editor.

Delivery of the project was provided in our usual formats – one high-res video file designed for YouTube and embedding in websites and one high-res video file specifically for Facebook.

This video is a great example of how our Small Business Basic Introduction Video Package can be customised, both to suit a specific area of your business but also that our standardized scripting process can be moved away from to incorporate your business message.

Range of Motion released the video 5 days ago and, at the time of writing, it already has over 1,500 views on their Facebook page. You can find more information on the program through Range of Motion's website.

As ever, if you'd like to talk about how video could be suitable for your business, then please feel free to get in contact.