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Ultimo Constructions - Turnkey Development Solutions

Readers of our blog may remember our work with Ultimo Constructions - they specialise in building individualised houses in Perth. Last time we shot a showroom introduction video as well as a client testimonial video... And recently we were back working with them again!

This time around Rebecca, owner of Ultimo Constructions asked us to deliver a professionally presented video on Ultimo Construction's turnkey development solution. Rebecca had a script prepared and asked us to bring her vision to life with the use of video. Let's check out what we delivered!

Rebecca's script was short and snappy - just what you need when you're looking to advertise online. So behind the scenes we worked to capture her script presented by a professional presenter, as well as capturing the beautiful house Ultimo Constructions had constructed... all whilst ensuring we kept our final edit to the 1 minute brief.

This video is a great example of how you can display your product and/or service off to potential clients, and that the use of a presenter can really help ensure a great delivery of your script with it's key selling messages; - without the stress, worry or nerves of getting in front of the camera to present it yourself!

GINGERBEARD Media offers 'presenter videos' as part of our Infomercial Video Package - so if this interests you and your business as a form of online advertising then get in touch to have a chat. We also offer other packages as well as custom work, so if you'd just like to talk about how video could help your business, please feel free to get in touch.