Niche Crossfit - Gymnasty;- Online Gymnastic Strength Programming

Longer term readers of the blog may remember our previous work with Niche CrossFit;- a video to launch and advertise their The Core Builder Program, along with their bloopers video

We'll, we're back working with Jen Smith from Niche CrossFit again, this time to produce an advertising trailer for their online gymnastic strength program.

This time around we used self-shot footage from Niche to deliver this short and snappy promotional trailer.

This project is a great example of how you can add value to a low-cost media solution.

Jen worked hard to capture a range of self-shot videos which show the physical movements that participants of Niche's online program would undertake. However, whilst the videos work to demonstrate those movements, they needed to be tied together so as to show them off as whole product.

This is where we stepped in.

We worked with Jen to bring her existing videos together by the use of an animation template - bringing a new level of polish to her product.

By using an animation template we were able to offer our client a professional product with a quicker turnaround time at a reduced cost - as we didn't have to build the animations from scratch.

This solution is a great methodology for business owners looking to deliver a more professional product;- videos can be shot at a time more suitable and flexible for the business owner and without having to delve into the expense of using a professional media company.

If you're interested, you read more on Niche's online gymnastic program here and, as ever, if you are interested in using video in your business and you'd like to have a chat about what solutions are open to you - we'd love to have a chat, so please feel free to get in contact.