Bateman Chiropractic - Business Photography & Graphics

We were invited by Debbie from Bateman Chiropractic to come in to shoot some photography for her business for use on their website and social media.

At the moment Bateman Chiropractic's website uses a lot of stock photography. This option is great if you want professional looking images to bolster your website. However, as consumers, we are becoming more aware of stock photography - it can make websites feel very "company" as opposed to unique and personalised.

Debbie wanted to use the images to update her existing website as well for use on her business social media accounts; Facebook and Instagram, but didnt have a specific style of series of images that she needed to capture. So we worked with Debbie to understand Bateman Chiropractic as a brand and provided images that we believed would be useful in her uses.

Lets take a look at some of the images we shot for Bateman Chiropractic.

Firstly we looked to capture the premises themselves. Having photos of your business premises themselves is great way of not only helping clients to find you when they visit your business, but also help to reassuring people of your setup and level of service. This is especially important for businesses in the health industry. Clients are often nervous about visiting a new health business such as a dentist, physio, chiro;- basically because they are usually worried about physical discomfort. The use of photos help reassure clients about what sort of environment they can expect to find.

Next we looked to capture Debbie's work, basically again we're looking to show what an experience at Bateman Chiropractic would be like for a client. To get these images we worked with Debbie to understand what her process of work is like and how she treats people. This allows us to understand how to shoot better photos for the business.

The next series of images helps to summarise what that typical visit to the chiro is like.

Again, with the production of these images we're looking to help reassure potential clients about what their visit will be like. We're looking to show a happy engagement between client and business and we're looking to show the business service and what it achieves for the client.

To get these images and to make sure they are true to the business, we worked with Debbie to understand how she would normally treat a client. What position are they in, how do they interact, what's her method/process for working. We then got Debbie to run through a typical client appointment, getting some candid shots as they happened and posing others.

Finally, because these images are for Bateman Chiropractic's website and social media, we also used our photographs to produce a series of "branded company" images. Let's take a look at those.

These graphics help summarise the business but incorporate the branding of the business. So they are great not only for use on social media and websites, but also publications and other marketing material that could be developed in the future.

I hope this article has provided some insight into the photography work we undertake as well as the methodology as to why and how we shoot. Hopefully you can see that having "business photography" is not just a case of taking shots - its about taking care to understand the business, it's brand, the services it offers, it's target market and the use of the images.

If you'd like to talk about how photography like this could help benefit your business, we'd love to have a chat - just get in contact!