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Denae Brown - Anologue App

Back in November of last year we were invited to work with elite level Crossfitter Denae Brown as she looked to develop and launch her own fitness app; Analogue.

Analogue is described as a "digital pocket guide to get you moving effectively" and is designed for all levels of fitness. You simply download the app to your phone and it guides you through workouts be it at home or at the gym. Along with tracking your scores on the workouts, you can even keep track of your friends;- helping you to stay accountable and if you'd like, competitive.

Denae and her development team identified that having a visual representation of the exercise movements would dramatically help and guide those using the app and so contacted us about filming around 100 movements that would form the foundation for the app.

We worked with Denae over two shoots to capture all her required exercise movements, and then edited the videos so as to ensure branding consistency throughout.


Our videos now sit pride of place inside the app, helping those who download the app to understand the movement and practice it correctly. 

Each video is about 20-30 seconds long, allowing for a demonstration of the movement and means that users can quickly understand the programming that Denae and her team have developed as well as correct and improve their own form for each movement. It also means that users are not required to head to the world of internet "how tos" - it's all in one easy accessible, convenient place.

Use of videos in this way, and for training in general, is a great way to demonstrate what you would like users to complete without the need for large amounts of explanatory text or linking to other people's videos which may be taken down and do not reflect your company and its branding.

Analogue App is available from iTunes now, with the team currently working on the Android version .

If you'd like to discuss training videos and how they could assist your business please feel free to get in contact.