Herasphere - Pregnancy Club

Marika is a Perth-based Physiotherapist who owns and operates her own Physiotherapy business;- Herasphere.

Marika approached us towards the end of last year with a brief for us to deliver a series of 12 exercise videos, a promotional video for sales and marketing as well as a program welcome/on-boarrding message.

These 30-minute exercise videos have been not only specifically aimed at providing suitable exercise during pregnancy, but also tailored exercise depending on what stage of the pregnancy Marika's clients are at. The videos themselves form part of a larger "Pregnancy Club" which offers advice on subject matters like nutrition and community support.

Lets take a look at the promotional piece we helped deliver for Marika and Herasphere.

Marika launched globally Herasphere's Pregnancy Club about a week ago and she's been delighted with the feedback so far; her clients love the videos!

At the time of writing, Marika is offering a 50% price reduction in the club as encouragement for early adopters. The offer runs until the 18th June.

Good luck to Marika in her latest business adventure, and if you'd to learn more about how we can help deliver your training and education videos - be they short or long - please feel free to get in contact!