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Ultimo Constructions - Client Testimonial

You may remember our recent post about a project for Ultimo Constructions;- a showroom introduction video.

Well, they also asked us to deliver a testimonial video on their latest project; a narrow-house build in Joondana.

Rebecca and Angelo from Ultimo Constructions wanted a video that captured both the project they delivered, as well as some feedback from their client, Carissa.

So we headed over to meet Carissa, lets see what we delivered.

Testimonials are a great use for video and can be used on your website and social media to help promote your brand and/or company.

In this instance, the video helps captures the project in a way text and photographs can't, whilst at the same time help to capture the feelings and thoughts of the client on the project, company and service they received.

Ultimately, a testimonial video is a great way of building trust for your business for potential clients in the future.

Ultimo Constructions will now use this video as part of their marketing and advertising content on both website and social media platforms.

If your business is interested in capturing client testimonials for your latest project;- please feel free to get in contact.