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Curtin University - Introducing Building 410

Frequent readers of our blog may remember our work with Curtin University to announce the re-opening of Building 501. Well, fast forward a year to 2016, and Curtin University again needed a media team to help communicate their latest construction project; Building 410.

So we headed back over to Curtin University. Let's take a look at what we delivered.

The project that we've shown here actually has a number of pieces to make up the puzzle.

In no particular order the project has;- live filming completed on site, animation work which provides the explanatory graphics, inclusion of client-provided architect renders and a scripted voiceover which links the whole project together and explains what the viewer is receiving. All of these parts needed management so as to ensure the project was delivered in a relatively short timeframe;- approximately 4 weeks.

Despite these elements being different however, they are linked together to provide a communications video that the Properties department has already used to speak to their clients; users of the campus as well as external interested parties.

This business video is another great example of how video can help explain organisational changes or update news within a business - be it on a large building scale like this one, or on a more simple smaller one.

Its also a great example of how businesses can both time and cost effectively communicate better within their organisation; ensuring a controlled and consistent message is received by all parties and is viewed at a time that suits the viewer which helps ensure higher engagement.

Videos in your organisation could communicate in the manner shown in this video, or as simply as a direct-to-camera pieces made by the CEO and then emailed to staff and posted on the company's intranet explaining the latest company news and updates.

If you'd like to know more about how communication videos could help your business please feel free to get in contact.