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Rural Building Company - Rural Property Showcase

The Rural Building Company (RBC) is a WA-based house construction company who, as the name suggests, specialises in building properties in rural locations in the state.

Around a three weeks ago we were back working with RBC, this time we looked to showcase a completed construction project of theirs located a couple of hours North of Perth.

RBC were keen to capture both the lifestyle that their product delivers as well as the beauty of their final product.

Let's take a look at the final video we delivered.

We were keen to capture this property looking it's finest, so we used golden hour just before sunset to really capture its epic scale and views that the property has. We also worked to show off the views of the property to really demonstrate the lifestyle that a client of RBC gains.

RBC have since used this video as part of their social media advertising to help show their potential clients what they can deliver for them.

Video is a great way of capturing your completed product or project - be it something of this scale, bigger or smaller - so why not get in touch if you want to have a chat about capturing your latest completed project!