WA Country Builders - Introducing Mortlock Gardens

About couple of weeks ago we were approached by WA Country Builders to get us on beard to film their soon to be completed Mortlock Gardens project for their client Avon Community Development Foundation.

WA Country Builders is a Perth-based rural building company, WA's largest and most awarded builder, who specialises in building tailor-built homes in rural regions of Western Australia.

WA Country Builders were finishing up construction on Morlock Gardens; a $4.5m 15-dwelling project out in Northam for their client Avon Community Development Foundation and they wanted to capture the size and scale of the project as well as some feedback from their client.

The Avon Community Development Foundation is an incorporated charity organisation who works to improve the quality of life within the Avon region through the creation of quality jobs and better health and education facilities for present and future generations. Their project Mortlock Gardens saw the construction of 15 dwellings specifically built to lease to key workers in the region.

So that's a lot of background, we'd better post up the video that we ended up delivering for this project before everyone falls asleep under all this project-explanatory text!


The Avon Community Development Foundation has already shared this video out on their Facebook page and is delighted with the result and feedback they have been receiving. WA Country Builders will use the video as a sales tool internally within their company.

If you're interested in capturing and communicating your company's success through the use of video, please feel free to get in contact.