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Are You Loosing Customers By Not Using Video?

So it could be viewed by some that this is a title spurred on to put terror into small business owners who don't use video; that we're pressure-selling video.

But the truth is, it isn't.

The truth is that every day small business are trying to differentiate themselves from their competition and they do this through unique selling points of points of difference. Their marketing and advertising avenues are however, the way that they deliver their differentials to their potential clients and customers. And by using a method of advertising and marketing which differs or is unique from their competition they are starting to become visible to and secure more clients than their competition.

And video is a different way to deliver your small business's message.


Stat Time!

45.4% - that's the percentage according to comScore (who measure online engagement and use) of Internet users who view at least one video online over the course of a month.

32.2 - That's the average number of videos an average internet user is exposed in a month; increasing the chances that your marketing message will be seen.

57% of marketers are using video their marketing.


So Why Video?

  • Video is easy to digest - the equivalent time it takes you to watch a video would be used up in thousands of webpages to provide the same information, and no one sticks around to read all of that
  • Video is engaging - it speaks on multi levels of communication and uses both audio and visual;- meaning that viewer take more messages away with them than text or pictures
  • Video makes for greater conversion rate. 52% of consumers say that watching videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions.

The summary of all of this is; if you're looking to get your brand in front of more people, in an affordable way, that separates you from your competition and helps align you to bigger brands... then video is something you should be looking at.

So our prompting question is;- what's stopping you thinking about using video to help your small business?