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Innovative Psychological Solutions - Introducing IPS

Back in November 2015 we worked with Dr Kevin Pyle from Innovative Psychological Solutions (IPS) to deliver a new website welcome video.

Kevin was having his website redesigned and wanted a simple welcome video to introduce himself and his services to potential clients. Let see what we delivered!

Top of Dr Kevin's list was that he wanted to make sure that he reassured potentially nervous clients about using a psychiatrist - something I think we definitely achieved. This video demonstrates how putting a face to your business creates a better engagement, and in Dr Kevin's case; helps his potentials clients feel at ease.

Behind the scenes we worked with Kevin to develop his script and then on the day we coached Dr Kevin as to how best to deliver his script.

Dr Kevin's video now sits proudly as the first thing on his website - a great use of this new business tool.

This video is a great example of our Personal Branding Package - which can read more on here.... or just get in touch to talk more about how video can help your small business.