Ask the Beard - Top 5 Uses of Video for Business

Believe it or not we're often approached by small businesses here in Perth to deliver video content for them ... but they aren't sure what sort of video they need. They just know they need video.

So in this article I tackle my top 5 ideas on what video content you could look to deliver for your business. And don't worry you aren't alone in not knowing what video content is needed for your small business!

Our list summaries as follows:

  • Website welcome videos are a great way to introduce who you are and what you do. In addition, you can get more value from your video by using as targetable advertising. You can read more on our Website Welcome Video Package and check out examples here
  • Frequently Asked Question videos are an awesome option if you're looking to put out regular content and build your brand. It'll also give you something to refer clients to if they ask that question - saving you time.
  • Testimonials can be used  to help add weight to your product or service. As consumers we love hearing about success, so why not show off your product with glowing reviews from customers.
  • Demonstrate your product or service. This one is really relevant to those who have a new or different service that perhaps has a boundary of entry due to understanding. Video is a great way to demonstrate how your product/service works and what benefits the customer will get from choosing you.
  • How To's. If you're looking to build a brand that you're the go to person, then how to's should not be missed. Sure you share some information on how to complete a task that you could be charging for, but people will become reassured in your knowledge and ultimately it's a great way to build a brand and become a trusted company.


If you still aren't sure what type of video is suitable for you then you could try this method which we often brainstorm with our clients.

  • Think about what you'd like to use it for
  • Consider who you will target with it
  • What messages did you want to deliver and only then
  • Think about the actual content.

Often this reverse method helps a lot of our clients understand the what and why of their video rather than coming up against a wall of ideas on potential content that could be included; making them feel overwhelmed.

As ever, if you'd like to talk more about how video can help your small business we're always happy to chat - just get in contact