Sam Mitchinson - Soccer Highlight Reel

Sam Mitchinson is not our average client. But that didn't stop us from helping out!

Sam is a 23-year old defender who's played for the likes of Bayswater City, Perth Glory and Melbourne Heart. Sam came to us with a different request  compared to our usual business clients,- to edit together his new soccer highlight reel.

Soccer highlight reels are similar to music demo tapes, they show the best parts of an individual's game when the play in a team sport. It is not always possible to send scouts to every game and so they are used as an 'audition' for players. It's a great way to show off your skills and play style.

Sam needed his highlight reel as he is currently looking to move into the soccer leagues in Asia and so needed a video to grab attention and show his skills off with.

Using a mixture of professional and amateur-shot footage, we worked with Sam to edit together his highlight reel. The result is a 4.5 min video which captures Sam as player and demonstrates his value to the team looking at picking him up.

We wish Sam the best of luck as he looks to pursue his soccer career in Asia.