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SF Gym - Gladiator Games

SF Gym are a Perth CrossFit gym who came to us to help with their promotional media for their CrossFit competition; Gladiator Games.

SF's competition ambassador Mark Donaldson had pre-recorded 4 videos for SF and we were then asked us to create a series of promotional videos. SF wanted the Gladiator Games' brand to be gritty and tough.

Firstly we used a simple template to animate their logo. Using a template is a great way to reduce cost for our clients - it takes a bit of work to customise the template to the piece of work you have, but it's far more cost effective than building one from scratch.

Next up we used the pre-recorded clips from Mark to deliver a series of 4 videos which would be used for promotion of the competition.


As you can see, we've kept the branding consistent throughout each of the videos, and some simple text animation helps to add value to the message of each one. Finally, the animated logo is used throughout to help tie it all together.

Recording your own footage and making use of pre-made templates is a great way to help keep costs manageable whilst at the same time keep your media looking professional. And that's exactly what GINGERBEARD Media is on the look out for our clients; - ways to reduce their cost and at the same time increase value.