Lacey's Gym - Introducing Lacey's Gym

Lacey's Gym is predominantly boxing-based gym, with a facility located in Currambine in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

Gemma, Lacey's marketing manager, approached us on behalf of Lacey's owner Justin Lacey about delivering a new promotional video for their business. This video would be shot in their existing facility but have the first step of advertising their new facility planned for Innaloo.

Unlike a lot of our other promotional video projects we deliver, Gemma identified that whilst the video would be used electronically, Lacey's had a plan to use the video on a TV screen at the proposed new location - however the TV screen would be behind glass - limiting the sound. So it was imperative for this project that the video was not only short and eye catching, but communicated to the viewer both with and without sound as it potentially wouldn't be heard.

We put our bearded thinking-caps on.

What we delivered was a very stylized piece that shows off all areas and services of the gym. This included the range of classes including boxing-fitness, bootcamps and CrossFit as well as the extremely talented coaches that the gym employees. And the video does so both with and without sound.

The heavy visual side of the video obviously worked well with viewers. The video racked up an impressive 4,400 views in 24 hours and by 48 hours later it stood at 5,600 views with a range of positive comments about the video and potential clients interest in the new facility.

The video will now be used in a range of advertising and marketing applications as Lacey's Gym ramps up for it's facility opening in Innaloo.

This video is a great example of how GINGERBEARD Media can deliver highly-visual advertising videos to a local market and as ever;- if you'd like to discuss how video can be used to help your business;- please feel free to get in touch.