Toyota Russia - Fedor Konyukhov Balloon Flight

Readers of our blog may remember our work with Toyota Russia to capture Russian advernturist, traveler and sailor, Fedor Konyukhov and his world record-breaking balloon flight.

But .. just in case you missed it and so as to provide a quick catchup and overview of the project...

Back in July, we worked with Toyota Russia and Fedor to capture footage of the run up to his balloon launch as well as the balloon launch itself;- of which you can read more here. Post-landing and breaking the record we traveled out to Bonnie Rock, on the edge of WA's Wheatbelt. There we captured a reenactment of the balloon's landing and an interview with Kim Graham, the farmer who helped to stop the balloon.

All of our footage was then transferred back to Russia for them to edit and combine with other footage that had been shot so as to deliver two pieces. The first - a short social media video which can be seen below, and secondly a TV production which is still currently being worked on.

Today we're proud to share the social media that has been published by Toyota Russia. This piece now drives a part of Toyota Russia's Hilux marketing campaign including being used recently at a their event, Land Cruiser's Land - which was dedicated to Fedor's success.

As a pre-warning the final piece is in Russian, however in the video below Head Beard Bruce has worked out a translation solution!

And if you want to watch the original video without Head Beard Bruce's commentary then here it is:

To complete this short piece we obviously shot a lot more footage than whats shown. So below we've included two sample videos which show off some more of the footage we captured.

As mentioned, the second piece of work is currently being edited for Russia's Channel 1 TV station; 1TV and when we are able to display that piece, we will endeavor to do so.

This piece of work was delivered as part of our "shoot-only" services which is a great way to capture professional footage remotely and edit it yourself. If you are interested in our "Shoot-Only" services, please feel free to get in contact. Along with working directly with companies such as Toyota, this freelance style of work is becoming a more common service used by marketing and advertising agencies as well as other media companies, usually when they are located on the East coast.