Southern CrossFit - Welcome to Southern CrossFit Willetton

As long term readers of the blog will be aware - we've spent a lot of time working for Southern CrossFit over the 3-4 years we've been operating as a company;- it's effectively the birthplace of GINGERBEARD Media.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we again headed over to see them, this time at their new premises to shoot a quick promo video.

Sometimes when we work with businesses, they believe that they must use long videos to get their money's worth and attract new customers. But often it is short content that captures people's vision and interest and gets them excited about a business, its products or service.

And that's exactly what we delivered here. A short piece that gives a quick insight into the new facility over in Willetton.

This piece of content is a great way to introduce the business to potential new clients. It not only visually shows off the facility, but also includes a number of key selling points of the business itself. So effectively this is an informative advertising piece.

This video quickly caught the attention of those watching it on Facebook. Within 5 hours of release it sat at just under 1,000 views, within 8 hours it had reached 1,400 views, 6,000 views in 24 hours. and over 7,000 from 2 days of posting. All without sponsorship.


Attentive viewers of the video will also notice the drone work taking place in this video... well stay tuned because we've got more news on that coming soon!

If your business is interested in creating content for its marketing and advertising, be it short or long content, regular or one-off advertising content, why not get in contact with GINGERBEARD Media to see if we can help you?