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Kirby Swim - Social Media Content

Kirby Swim are a leading swim school based here in Perth. They own and operate a number of swimming pools around Perth itself as well as one pool in Mandurah. Longer term-term readers of the blog may remember that we've worked with Kirby Swim before on their promotional video and more recently a pool tour video for their new Karrinyup facility.

Recently we sat down with Saskia Kirby, owner of Kirby Swim, who asked us to help her build more marketing and advertising content for her business. Saskia explained that key to her business was constant branded content that could be used on her website and social media platforms with the aim of helping to show off and sell her business to potential new clients.

Over the coming weeks we worked with Saskia to propose a plan for a number of social media-ready pieces of content that would assist her business break barriers and perceptions and ultimately sell her business to potential new clients.

Our discussions ended up focusing on two main areas for content:

Scripted Information Videos

A series of scripted information or frequently asked question videos that would help answer to common questions that the business receives both internally (questions from existing customers) and externally (questions from new, inquiring customers).

These videos would both to try to answer questions before someone needed to contact the business;- making it easier for potential clients to understand the business better, but also to help break barriers and perceptions about potential concerns within the business.

Below is just a sample of the 9 scripted FAQ videos we delivered.

Visual Teaser Videos

One problem that many business owners typically face is having enough media content to show off their business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. So as part of our work with Kirby Swim, we looked to provide more, shorter and easy to digest pieces of marketing. Enter our "Visual Teaser Videos".

These videos are specifically designed to deliver short content for use on Facebook and Instagram;- where viewer's attention span is short. Below is just a sample of the 15 Visual Teaser Videos we delivered.


We ended up working with Kirby Swim to deliver a total of 9 Scripted Information Videos and 15 Visual Teaser Videos; a total of 24 pieces of video content - enough for them to almost post everyday for an entire month!

I want to emphasis and linger on that point because of it's importance: 24 pieces of individualised video. Video which purely shows their business off to existing and potential clients. Video which not only shows off their business, but potentially helps to challenge barriers for a potential client to enter Kirby's business.

This content is not only ripe for use as 'normal' posts on social media, but also for use on the advertising back-ends of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With these platforms and now more importantly the content, you can target specific groups of people (such as age, location, gender and/or interests) so as to get you business advertising out there to your target market.

It's a great option for all businesses to affordably market their business.

We should soon be launching our Social Media Content Package. This will be in a similar vein to what's been displayed in this article - providing, on a scaleable basis, a package specifically aimed at generating media content for your business for use on social media platforms. So stay tuned!

And as ever, if you are considering video for use in your business and you'd like to have a chat - please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.