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Are Your Posts Irrelevant To Your Customers?

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves if our business has become a crazy person, shouting irrelevant messages from a street corner.

Now bear with me before dismissing this statement.

It would be rare nowadays for businesses not to have a website and some form of relevant social media platform, be it from, or all of the main three; Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter/YouTube.

But as we progress forward as small businesses, we learn that just having a presence online is not enough. It is more than just about having a 'page' or 'channel'.

We need to be communicating as well. In this case, posting.

We should be looking to use our social media channels to build an audience of potential clients to our business and its products and/or services.

Is what you communicate relevant to your customers?

Is what you communicate relevant to your customers?

We also start to realise that we cant just rely on one post or advert to gain all of our customers. If it was that simple you wouldn't see car adverts online, on the tv or in print media throughout the year.

Regular advertising (posting) means that our brand remains relevant in our potential client's thoughts.

Unless we directly need a product that's advertised, our brains work better with repeat exposure - multiple advertisements using different platforms bring around improved exposure and brand knowledge, and thus an increase in sales.

Thus, as small businesses, we identify that as we advertise, market and build our brands with an aspiration to get more clients, we recognise and realise that we need more content, more media content.

So here's the formula;- 'More content - more reach, more reach - more customers'.

We start 'shouting from our street corner'.... or in other words, we start posting on our social media channels.

Regular Media Content

And some businesses are already aware of this and are starting to push out regular content.

But there is good and bad regular content.

And when we discuss bad, you already know the ones we're looking at. They come up in your social media feed as you scroll down. You see the latest 'internet funny' being shared and posted out. You see the latest viral video being shared and posted from their page. Sure, we see them regularly sharing content, but is it really relevant to their business? 

More so, is it relevant to their potential clients?

Have they become the crazy-person on the street, shouting to anyone that will listen to them. Are you business social pages, posting irrelvant content?


Sure, they might get some engagement through likes, but what does that post, that advertisement say about their brand? What development does it do for their brand? Does it progress their business forward?

The answer is minimally and probably not.

Whilst they are getting in front of people regularly, they are showcasing someone else's content or page as they are sharing someone else content. Those businesses are giving someone else free marketing to their followers.

More often than not, the content they are sharing has no relevance to what they are doing, what service or product they offer. They are effectively becoming another click-bait/ view-bait service provider.

Eventually, we the follower, become bored or wise to this practice and we switch off. Have you muted someone in your social media because of what they post? So will that happen to your company/business/brand if you don't post relevant messages to your potential client base?


So What's The Answer?

The content you share must be relevant to your brand. The content you share should link back to your brand. At the peak, the best of the best, the content .... should be of your brand.

I'll say that again. 

Your content is of your brand.

You should always look to be developing your brand and its communications.

Your followers follow your page or channel because they want to know about your company. What is it doing? How does it help them, then viewer.... or potential client? What value does your content bring to their life?

If you're looking at what your company is communicating, and starting to think. Perhaps you need to consider what your followers want.

With our videos we spend a lot of time understanding what the root messages are that our clients want to communicate, who are their target audience and what barriers are there in reaching them.

From here we develop videos that help break the barriers and truly communicate with their potential clients.

And of course, we deliver tools, in this case videos, which allow them to deliver relevant messages to their potential target market. 

We no longer have a crazy-person shouting from a street corner, instead, we have a well-rounded tool, or set of tools, that speaks to those who are interested. And it guides them to an end point - we get the client to look at a website or contact the business.

So if your company is a crazy-person whos shouting too much, or you'd like to refine your messages with video then perhaps we should have a chat as to how we can help your business target its message.

Perhaps the equation should in fact read:

More relevant content - more relevant reach, more relevant reach - more relevant customers.


Until next time,

Beard Out.