Behind the Beard - Pickles Auction

Our "Behind the Beard" video series follows us behind the scenes of our video work with clients.

The idea is simple - instead of just watching a video that we've delivered for our latest client, we want talk about the video, let our bearded-followers come with us behind the scenes. With these videos we hope followers (and potential clients) can find out about our project development, the messaging behind the video the challenges we face when shooting.

Ultimately, our aim is to move our business to become even more transparent. Remove the mystery that is small business videos, and show you what it's like to shoot video for businesses.

In this episode of Behind the Beard we discuss our recent "shoot-only" project for a New South Wales Brand Agency and their client; Pickles Auction.

Pickles had just moved 3 of their sites, located across Perth, into one massive site, and to celebrate they were hosting an opening event. Our brief was to 'capture the event and it's vibe' and then provide the footage back to NSW for them to edit.

You can read more about the photography we also shot on the day here.

Working for brand agencies, marketing companies or other third parties who act on behalf of their client is becoming a more frequent activity for GINGERBEARD Media. It's great to have other creatives to engage with on a project, but sometimes it can cause some communication problems as you go between parties trying to ensure you deliver the wanted end product. On this project both Pickles and the Brand Agency were very clear in this case as to what they were trying to achieve, which is fantastic.

On the day, we worked with Pickles's marketing department who had flown in from Sydney specifically for the event so that we captured everything they wanted. We even got to a point during the day that they asked to keep us longer on site to capture their client social event - a great sign that we were delivering what our clients wanted. We happily obliged.

So if you are third party with a client looking for video or you're a small business looking to discuss video further, then why not get in touch with GINGERBEARD Media. We're always happy to chat about video and how it can be used within your business.