New Service - Purchasable Video Clips

When we cover sporting events such as The Primal Throwdown, we capture hours of footage, but when you produce a 3 minute highlight reel, a lot of the footage never sees the light of day again. We want to change this and get it out there.

Here at the beard we're proud to announce that we're offering a first; the ability to purchase individual video clips.

At the moment the platform/service, run by a 3rd party, is still relatively new and so we're putting it to the test by releasing some selected clips from Primal's Saturday Night Lights.

This now means you can preview and then purchase your clip and then bang it up on your social media platform of choice, or just hold on to it for your own purposes such as training.

This new service potentially unlocks a whole new world of video options for GINGERBEARD Media, so we're excited to test out this new platform.

Click the picture to be taken to our new service.