Great design combined with an awesome end product is something that GINGERBEARD Media constantly strives to achieve whether it's working in our video, photo or graphic design projects.

What started simply as a 'can we?' project approximately 6 months ago has ultimately ended up here; a product line on the verge of launch.

So now we look to those around us to see what interest lies in these new products. 

How Are We Different?

"We're not looking to become an apparel company, we just want to offer great design in a functional, hard wearing product to CrossFit athletes."

Our designs are exactly that; they are designs, not a brand that you wear. We aren't asking you to publicise our name, brand or latest #slogan, purely enjoy the design.

We believe we provide ultimate flexibility. Unlike other mainstream brands whose designers often limit you to certain colours we allow flexibility; you pick the design and tee colour.

Finally, we understand that design can only go so far without great foundations. So our tee's will be digitally printed on the hard-wearing AS Colour brand tee shirt. They're 100% cotton and built to last.

Where to from here?

We're launching a bulk pre-order. From there, our 'can we' product will be reviewed as to whether it's suitable to carry forward on a larger scale.