Curtin University; Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice

Throughout 2014 we were working with Curtin University's Interior Architecture Department to deliver an 8-part interview-documentary series "Interior Architecture - Transitioning into Practice". It's been our biggest and most challenging production to date.

Curtin University approached us at the beginning of 2014 about delivering a series of films that would help acclimatise their students with the transition from the world of theoretical study at university into real-world life within interior architecture practices. What should they expect when they start working? and how could they tackle some of the new challenges they would face? 

The project ended up far larger than first conceived; ultimately we ended up coordinating a project that saw us working with 13 design professionals, working for a range of companies and located throughout Perth. This meant that coordination and communication were key for this project's successful delivery.

Check out the trailer for the 8-part interview-documentary series below. 

The series of films is available to Curtin University students and is also hosted by the Australian Government and Office for Learning and Teaching.