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Behind the Beard (BtB); Curtin University - Celebrating 25 Years of Interior Architecture

Our "Behind the Beard" video series follows us behind the scenes of our video work with clients.

The idea is simple - instead of just watching a video that we've delivered for our latest client, we want talk about the video, let our bearded-followers come with us behind the scenes. With these videos we hope followers (and potential clients) can find out about our project development, the messaging behind the video the challenges we face when shooting.

Ultimately, our aim is to move our business to become even more transparent. Remove the mystery that is small business videos, and show you what it's like to shoot video for businesses.

In this Behind the Beard we discuss our recent media project Curtin University's Interior Architecture Department.

The Interior Architecture program which runs at Curtin recently hit its 25th year and they decided they wanted to capture their celebrations on video. At the Heath Ledger State Theatre, Curtin hosted a lunch and afterwards opened a new art exhibit.

Our brief was to capture in both photo and video the days events which summarised the vibe and feeling on the day. From which we delivered over 70 photos from the day as well as an event highlight video.