Youth Focus - Kokoda Trek

Through June this year we posted up on our Facebook page a request for people to nominate a charity that we could work with. It was part of our 'give back' philosophy - that organisations and companies should give back into the community. 


Youth Focus; a West-Australian, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the aim of supporting young people and their families to overcome the issues associated with suicide, depression and self-harm, was nominated by a few people and lead them to contacting us about helping them.

They had a group of young people heading over to walk the Kokoda Trial and it would be filmed by themselves - could we help by editing what footage they captured on Go Pros they had been donated.

By the end of June I was standing in front of said group delivering a seminar / lecture on how to get the best from these cameras whilst they were out walking the trail.

And yesterday afternoon I attended a closing ceremony summarising their journeys to a successful completion of a roughly 100k trek of Kokoda and thanking those who had provided support and assistance.

As a result of our support we are now the very proud holders of a Youth Focus framed Kokoda photograph commemorating their journey - so for those that nominated Youth Focus we thank you; it's been a great opportunity to work with a local charity who does some truly valuable work.

It was amazing to see what this journey has done for these young people and what it means to their families, despite all the hours put into editing the video, I'm not sure it has done what they completed justice. We are however hopeful that at some point when they look back, this will provide them with strength and some happy memories of their journey.

Now... to find some wall space to hang up the photo!