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Thank You To Sapura 3000

Over the last couple of weeks we've been back working with Subsea 7. You may remember last time we worked with them we shot a corporate video that launched a new safety programme for them. This time we were back to shoot a Thank You video.

One of Subsea 7's vessels working off the coast of Australia recently made size-able donations to three Perth based charities; Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH), Salvation Army WA and Breast Cancer Care WA and Subsea 7 wanted to provide some feedback to the vessel.

For many of the 250 on board the vessel, they work long shifts and when they fly home for their time off between shifts it's important for them to spend time with their families. Communication is difficult both on and off the vessel, so Subsea 7 thought that a quick video message from each charity would help show where their recent donations would be spent.