Primal Throwdown 2014 - 140kg Clean & Jerk - Ryan Woodall

It was a moment of many, for many, that made the Primal Throwdown 2014.

Ryan Woodall of Injustice Crossfit was one of the last competitors to move through the Primal Throwdown's Saturday Night Lights' Clean and Jerk Ladder.

The clean and jerk ladder involves athletes, starting at 90kg's, lifting each weighted bar successfully to move onto the next heavier bar. You finish when you cannot lift anymore and at that point have hopefully out-lifted the other athletes.

By the time Ryan came to make this lift he had, not only successfully lifted 10 other bars, but also competed in numerous other punishing workouts on that day.

Ryan stepped up to the 140kg loaded bar, and well, you can see what happens in our film below.