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Subsea 7 - Skandi Acergy Charity Video

Recently we've been back working with Subsea 7; a locally based but international subsea engineering, construction and services company working in the offshore energy industry. You may remember them from previous videos we worked to provide including launching their Great Safety Day programme with a video and a Charity Thank You Video to those working on one of their vessels (ship).

Well, that Charity Thank You Video went down so well that they invited us back to complete another one, this time for a different vessel.

Like the other vessel; the Skandi Acergy which is currently working off the coast of Australia and they recently made size-able donations to two Perth based charities; Princess Margaret Hospital for Children (PMH) and Ronald McDonald House.

For many of the 140 on board the vessel, they work long shifts and when they fly home for their time off between shifts it's important for them to spend time with their families. Communication is difficult both on and off the vessel, so Subsea 7 thought that a quick video message from each charity would help show where their recent donations would be spent and what impact the money would have to the charities.