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Raw Edge - Affiliate Cup 2013

Ignore the fact that its 300 athletes coming from as far away as Geraldton and Broome, North Western Australia, and be enthralled by the teams competing in mixed teams of 4 people and stay for the atmosphere!

I'm not sure what it felt like in the crowd, but out on the workout floor it was steaming. Not just from the mass of Crossfit athletes who made their way through 4 workouts during the day, but from the crowd itself. One word; EPIC.

Crossfitters are, by nature, a supportive lot and this competition and its supportive crowd took that and then gave it some!

Below is a sample of our photography, the full set can be found on our Facebook site

Along with the photos we pulled together a series of videos; our brief was to capture the teamwork and sportsmanship on the day.

The Affiliate Cup also saw, for the first time in Perth, the Masters take on their own competition; an exciting development in the WA CrossFit community. This new development really starts to show the size and diversity that the community is starting to take. And for this we celebrated with the release of a Maters Only video.

Finally, traveling 3,00kms from Broome, North WA just to compete in Perth at the Affiliate Cup, we found Natural Edge CrossFit (; so we sat them down to have a quick chat with this well-humored group of Crossfitters.

GINGERBEARD Media spent the day capturing both photo and video for RAW Edge Crossfit who run the REX Affiliate Cup.